2022 Housing Choices and Obstacles in the Miami Valley

The Miami Valley Fair Housing Center is doing a study to understand what obstacles people in Montgomery County face when it comes to housing choices. Your answers will help us identify common issues and suggest ways to reduce these obstacles to local governments.  We are examining issues in Montgomery County, the City of Dayton, and the City of Kettering. In this survey, when we say the "local area" we mean in Montgomery County, including the City of Dayton and the City of Kettering.

Housing affects every other aspect of our lives. Where we live determines how long it takes to get to work or school, how far it is to the grocery or doctor's office, whether there's public transportation to take us where we need to go and what schools our children attend. Where we live can give us more opportunities or it can keep us from opportunities like a better job or a better future for our children. Miami Valley Fair Housing Center works to to eliminate housing discrimination and ensure equal housing opportunity for all people in our region, the State of Ohio, and nationally. Housing discrimination is different treatment or denial of housing based on race, religion, color, sex, disability, familial status or national origin. Ohio has additional protections for people who are treated different because of ancestry and military status, while Dayton also has protections for age, sexual orientation and marital status. 
There are 42 questions in this survey.
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